Millennium Global Tech. and Engineering Services Limited, is a company for the global provision of civil and construction engineering, oceanographic and meteorological services, marine engineering and electromechanical services, ICT, security equipment, power and energy, procurement.


  • Construction of 1km Asphaltic road
  • Procurement and Installation of Data Capturing and Logging Equipment
  • Procurement and Installation of Automatic Weather Stations
  • Supply and Installation of Meteorological Station for Agricultural Meteorological Observation
  • Supply, Installation and Training of Medium Infrared (MIR) Soil Testing Equipment
  • Procurement, Deployment and Installation of FAO/ICCAT/FCWC Recommended vessel Monitoring System (VMS) and Marine Surveillance Facilities
  • Supple and Installation of 1NOS of Provision ATD Personal Screening
  • Supply of Safety Equipment
  • Rehabilitation, Installation and Commissioning of Lighthouses and other Aids to Navigation
  • Dry Docking and Machineries Repair of Tug Boat,
  • Supply of Safety and Occupational Health Gadget/PPES
  • Construction of On-Farm Run off water Harvesting Structures
  • Supply of Turbine Governor Fly Ball Switch for Unit 1G6/12(2Nos)